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Are you looking for a trainer, facilitator or people development specialist for your business or organisation?


Have you been grappling with a decision, dealing with change or wondering what’s next for your business or career?

With the right combination of support, challenge and development, people can thrive at work, which makes great personal and business sense. I use training, coaching and facilitation to improve people and business performance.

I love developing people to increase confidence, capability and performance. I want people to be great when things are going well at work, and for them to have the confidence and skills to tackle challenges. 

To effectively develop skills, you need clarity about where you are now, where you want to be, and what the gap is between the two. I will work with you to identify and close the gap in the most efficient and effective way.

I pull my skills and experience in HR, learning & development, coaching and recruitment together into a flexible package. I ask questions and listen to what’s going on for you or your business, and then I use the most useful combination of the skills to help you. It may be to solve problems, support people, build skill knowledge or competence, or to develop processes.

Helping people build the knowledge and skills they need to tackle business challenges and be great at work


My career so far started in a hotel, and arrived at Buckingham Palace, going via an airport and a Lancashire truck yard. But it’s always been about people; selecting them, developing them, listening to them and challenging them to solve problems and be great at work.

I work with organisations, businesses and with people individually, all with the aim of building confidence, capability and clarity around work.

I’ve been a Learning and Development Manager who bought in this kind of service, and I’ve hired a Coach privately, so I understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. I’m clear, straightforward and open, and will answer any questions you may have. If you think we could be a fit and work well together, lets have a chat.

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